Natural Deodorant NZ

Natural Deodorant NZ

Aluminium free, natural deodorant available in NZ

Are you looking for healthier choices for deodorant? We are on the hunt for the best aluminium free, natural deodorant options available in NZ.

It is now possible to buy a variety of natural deodorants that actually work!

This is what we look for:

  • Natural deodorant with ingredients that are as healthy as possible

  • Deodorant free of Aluminium, Parabens, Triclosan, Phthalates and Propylene Glycol

  • Deodorant that is pleasant to use and doesn't leave white marks

  • Natural deodorant that actually stops the stink!

Natural Deodorant NZ

Black Chicken

Excellent and effective natural deodorant! Black Chicken Axilla is a smooth paste without being gooey and the fragrance is light.

Although I prefer glass containers, this one is super light and durable, so I reuse it for travel. This brand is Australian, but it's available in NZ and so good it has to be on the list.



B.BOLD delivers great, effective natural deodorant from NZ. They do a few different options including one without sodium bicarbonate and one without fragrance. The consistency is a fine paste that feels slightly powdery on the skin.
The whole B.BOLD range come in glass bottles with aluminium lids.



Zorilla Ess has a lovely creamy paste consistency. The fragrance is stronger than the other natural deodorants and smells quite masculine, because... it's for men!

Zorilla Ess seems effective (based on a 4 day sample) and my first impression is that this is definitely one to add to the list!