Zinc Sunscreen NZ

Natural Zinc Sunscreen NZ

Healthy, natural options for sunscreen in NZ

Are you looking for healthy, natural or zinc sunscreen in NZ?! We are on the hunt to collate the best healthy sunscreen options available.

Here is what we look for:

  • Natural sunscreen with ingredients that are as healthy as possible

  • Sunscreen suitable for children and delicate skin

  • Sunscreen with no fragrance, colours, parabens, phthalates and sulphates

  • Zinc sunscreen, free of the chemicals that are known to damage coral

Zinc Sunscreen NZ

Earth's Kitchen

We have the baby one, and it is a clean and natural sunscreen with healthy ingredients. It goes on smoothly without being sticky. In terms of quality for sensitive skin Earth's Kitchen is excellent, as well as reef safe... bonus!


Oasis Sun

Oasis Sun is great workhorse natural sunscreen.

As far as zinc suncreens go, this one is good value for money - especially if you need to send it to kindy/daycare/school for daily usage.