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Do you have an amazing product or service that you want featured on The Good List?

We are currently reviewing:

1. Natural Cleaning Products
2. Natural Perfume
3. Eczema Skin Care
4. Healthy Deodorant
5. Zinc Sunscreen
6. Gluten Free Bread Mix
7. Healthy Skin Care
8. Local Producers in Northland

Can't see a suitable category?

If you have a product or service outside of these categories that you would like us to review - send us an email! We have a rolling list of possibles that will be added with the right fit.

3 Benefits of a review by The Good List:

  1. Independent reviews

    We genuinely test NZ products side by side. If we think your product is great, we will tell the world!

  2. SEO

    We understand SEO and our pages and posts are designed for SEO, while we are brand new, we do continuous work to expand each page and the authority of our website. PLUS with each review, you will get a precious backlink to your website or product page.

  3. Other marketing opportunities

    Our goal is to help innovative, ethical, sustainable, or just plain good NZ small businesses be found. A review will get you on our radar for new opportunities. Right now, we are launching interviews for businesses who are doing innovative things. Express an interest in the form below.

Product Reviews NZ


Just three steps to get the process rolling.

STEP ONE: Send product/s for review to:

The Good List
118 Bream Bay Drive
Ruakaka 0116

STEP TWO: Complete the form below!

STEP THREE: Email high res images of your products on a white background to


Product Review Questions


How should I send the product/s?

Please send your products as if we were a normal customer.

The address is:

The Good List
118 Bream Bay Drive
Ruakaka 0116

How long will it take to see my product review?

This is a process that can take time. Especially if the products need testing over an extended period and we have several to review. We will let you know as soon as your review is posted.

Will I get a link to my website?

Yes! At this stage, we offer follow links to your website with each review published.

How can I support the project overall?

Please share your review and other pages on the website too! The more shares each page gets the more it helps each business be seen.

What if you don’t like my product?

Our reviews are honest, if we don’t think the product is great, we will not include it in the list.

Product Reviews NZ